La Sala Naranja, Letal solo show, catalogue text by Toni Calderon Valencia, Spain, Nov.-Dec. 2006

Solo Show and Lecture in the Aula Magna at Franklin College, Lugano, Switzerland, on the subject: Fear considerations on the installation Homeland Security Advisory Signal October-November 2006

OPEN9 International Sculpture Show, catalog text by Pierluigi Casolari, Venezia, Italy, August 2006

Fondazione La Fabbrica, no proper time of day solo show, curator Riccardo Lisi, Losone, Switzerland, July 2006

Locarno, Switzerland, KUNSTHALLE? collective show, curator Riccardo Lisi, Locarno, Switzerland, July 2006

La Sala Naranja, Valencia, Spain, collective show o eres tu John Waine o lo soy yo yo Curated by Toni Calderon, March 2006

Galleria Arturarte, no proper time of day solo show, text by Stefano Elena, Nepi (VT) may 18, 2006

La Sala Naranja, Valencia, collective show o eres tu John Waine o lo soy yo curated by Toni Calderon, March 31, 2006

FUORIGIOCO (OFFSIDE) curator Massimo Lupoli, 11 solo shosw for 11 artists, catalog essay by Stefano Elena, Pomezia (RM) 25 Marzo 2006

Colonna Castle, exposition of the 170 works for plot@rt.europe, curators Massimo Lupoli and Gianluca Marziani, Genazzano (Rome), 19 November 2005
Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, international collective show of 10 artists for plot@rt.europe curated by Gianluca Marziani, Rome, 17 November 2005
Exposition of 7 pieces at the Principe Felipe Museum for mitos-idolos-ibridos collective show within OBSERVATORI 2005 curated by Toni Calderon, Valencia, 4 Novembre 2005
Homeland Security Advisory Signal personal show at Spazio Symphonia in collaboration with PACK Gallery, Milan, 21 September 2005
TERRART, collective show curated by Gavina Ciusa, pesented at Vespolate and Novara, 16 September 2005
Group show regionevolmente curated by Gianluca Marziani, Viterbo, 11 March 2005
Stendhal 36 Volume I, group show curated by Gianluca Marziani, Milan, 15 Dicember 2004
air, group show curated by M. Campitelli, september - october 2004
Solo show 'apparenze' at Palmaria Island, for Genoa 04, july-august 2004
Group show 'Da Ageli a Robazs' at Barbara Mahler Gallery, Lugano, March 2004
Holds a speach in the Aula Magna of Academy of Fine Arts of Brescia on the subject: Exploration of the Human Space, 16 dicember 2003
Solo show 'plus ultra' at DESART Contemporary Art, Brescia in november 2003
Group show 'doping' at Spazio Montenero Gallery in Milan, june 2002
Graduates from The George Washington University in 1991
Performs at Thurston Hall with rhythmic-digital shows in 1988
Begins his first performances of digital-psychedelich art in 1987
Paints on a computer since 1984
He was born in Milan in a cold day of january - alessandro lo monaco